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Accurate Train Schedule, Timings, and Route Information

Accurate train schedules, train times, and train route information are crucial for efficient trip planning. When you know the exact schedule of trains, including departure and arrival timings, you can plan your journey meticulously.

This information allows you to make informed decisions about which train to take, how much time to allocate for each leg of the journey, train time table today and where to make necessary transfers if required.

It reduces the risk of missing connections or facing unexpected delays. It enables you to anticipate any potential disruptions and plan alternative routes if needed. This level of precision in planning enhances the overall quality of your travel experience.

Why Choose Us?

Here are the 3 major reason to choose us:

Reliable Data: Our commitment to accuracy ensures that you're equipped with the most reliable and up-to-date train schedules, train time table, and train route information.

User-Centric Design: Our user-friendly interface makes navigation a breeze, allowing you to access the information you need swiftly and effortlessly.

Enhanced Planning: From business trips to leisure travel, our platform empowers you to optimize your itinerary based on accurate train schedules and timings.

How to Check Train Schedule from Confirmtkt?

To check the train schedule using the Confirmtkt app, follow these steps:

1. Open the Confirmtkt app

2. Tap on 'Train Schedule' located on the home page

3. Enter the train name or number

4. You will now be able to view the complete train timetable, which includes information about stations on the route as well as arrival and departure timings

You can also visit the official website of Confirmtkt to check the train time table today.

Factors Affecting the Train Schedule

These are the reasons that hamper the train schedule and your train gets delayed:

Change in Climate

Changes in weather greatly affect how fast Indian trains can go and how well they operate. Storms, thunderstorms, and extreme heat in the summer can make it difficult for trains to run smoothly.


Fog is a major cause of train delays in India. The railway tracks are laid across various landscapes with their unique twists and turns. This can make it challenging for trains to navigate during heavy fog, which can obscure vision and increase the risk of accidents. To prevent such incidents, trains operate at slower speeds during winter to ensure safety.

Engine Change

At times, trains traveling long distances need to change engines along the way. However, the time required for this engine change isn't included in the train timetable, causing delays in reaching the destination. Some trains switch from diesel to electric engines, which takes considerable time and contributes to the Indian Railways train schedule getting delayed.

Crew Change

Trains are not operated by a single team of railway staff. Driving a train is a demanding job that demands focus and mental resilience. To keep the crew members alert and refreshed, trains make scheduled stops at specific stations where the crew can be changed.

Technical Issues and Track Repairing

Several railway lines experience constant traffic due to frequent train movements. In these instances, priority is given to premium trains, causing other express trains to wait along the route until the premium trains have crossed and the signal allows them to proceed.

Maintaining the extensive Indian Railways network with its iron tracks is a challenging task. Often, repairs on tracks at specific platforms or along a train's route can cause delays, slowing down train speeds and leading to mid-route stops.

Important Terms (Information) Associated with the Train Time Table

Here are some important terms associated with train timetables:

Departure Time: The time at which a train is scheduled to leave a station.

Arrival Time: The time at which a train is expected to arrive at a particular station.

Platform Number: The designated platform where a train arrives or departs.

Origin: The starting point or station from which a train begins its journey.

Destination: The final station or endpoint of a train's journey.

Halt Duration: The amount of time a train stays at a particular station during a scheduled stop.

Days of Operation: The days on which a particular train service runs according to the railway time table.

Intermediate Stations: Stations between the origin and destination where the train stops during its journey.

Now, map out your journey with precise train schedules, timings, and route details, all conveniently available on our user-friendly platform.

Train Schedule FAQs

Q. Why do I need to check the train schedule?

A. Train schedule check is important because it helps you plan your trip better, avoid delays, and make sure you get the right tickets and connections for your journey.

Q. How can I check my train schedule changes?

A. To check Indian Railways train schedule, open the Confirmtkt app or go to the official website - confirmtkt.com. Tap on 'Train Schedule' located on the home page. Afterwards, enter the train name or number and you’ll be able to view the changes in your IRCTC train schedule.

Q. Will I get a refund if the train is rescheduled?

A. If a train is delayed by over three hours and you decide not to travel, you can claim a refund for the full amount of your ticket.

Q. How many hours before the railway informs the passengers if a train is rescheduled?

A. Passengers might be informed about the new train schedule time around 8 to 10 hours before its departure, though this can differ from case to case.

Q. How to Check Train Schedule through Mobile App?

A. Open the Confirmtkt app , tap on 'Train Schedule' located on the home page. Enter the train name or number and you’ll be able to view your train schedule.

Train Route

Running Days : Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
S. No Station Name & Code Arrives Departs Halt Time Distance Avg. Delay Day
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: Train Route, Schedule and Timings

Train runs from () to () on Train departs from () at and reaches () at . It takes day to reach train from () to () .

train passes through 1 major stations in day to reach from to . It takes total of hours journey to reach .

In train route maximum halt time for this train is -1 minutes at (). Train arrives at at and departs at . So if you want to get down from the train and buy anything from the station or for little fresh air. It's safe to get down at this station.

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From which station train starts from?

starts from ()

How many days in a week runs ?

runs on

What is the maximum halt time of and at which station?

Maximum halt time of train is -1 minutes at ()

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