12378 Train Schedule | Train Time Table

Train Number
PADATIK EXP New Jalpaiguri to Kolkata Sealdah
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In Mins
In KMs
New Alipurduar NOQ
Average Delay: (NULL min)
Average Delay: (NULL min)
1 0.0
New Cooch Behar NCB 18:05
Average Delay: (NULL min)
2m 18:07
Average Delay: (NULL min)
1 18.8
Mathabhanga MHBA 18:40
Average Delay: (NULL min)
2m 18:42
Average Delay: (NULL min)
1 49.3
Jalpaiguri Road JPE 20:00
2m 20:02
1 112.5
New Jalpaiguri Jn NJP 20:45
Average Delay: (NULL min)
15m 21:00
Average Delay: (NULL min)
1 146.1
KishanGanj KNE 22:08
Average Delay: (NULL min)
2m 22:10
Average Delay: (NULL min)
1 233.4
Malda Town MLDT 00:35
Average Delay: (NULL min)
5m 00:40
Average Delay: (NULL min)
2 381.1
Rampurhat Jn RPH 02:57
Average Delay: (1 h:11 min min)
5m 03:02
Average Delay: (0 h:13 min min)
2 505.1
Bolpur Shantiniketan BHP 03:50
Average Delay: (1 h:22 min min)
2m 03:52
Average Delay: (1 h:23 min min)
2 565.6
Barddhaman Jn BWN 05:02
Average Delay: (0 min)
2m 05:04
Average Delay: (0 min)
2 617.5
Sealdah SDAH 06:45
Average Delay: (0 min)

Average Delay: (0 min)
2 719.1

About Train 12378 PADATIK EXP

Train 12378 PADATIK EXP runs from New Jalpaiguri(NJP) to Kolkata Sealdah(SDAH) on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Train departs from New Jalpaiguri(NJP) at 17:45 and reaches Kolkata Sealdah(SDAH) at 06:45. It takes 2 days to reach train 12378 from New Jalpaiguri(NJP) to Kolkata Sealdah(SDAH) .

PADATIK EXP 12378 train passes through 11 major stations in 2 days to reach from New Jalpaiguri to Kolkata Sealdah . It takes total of 13:0 hours journey to reach Kolkata Sealdah .

In 12378 train route maximum halt time for this train is 15 minutes at New Jalpaiguri Jn(NJP). Train 12378 arrives at New Jalpaiguri Jn at 20:45 and departs at 21:00. So if you want to get down from the train and buy anything from the station or for little fresh air. It's safe to get down at this station.
Other stations which have more than 5 minutes halt time are

  1. Malda Town (MLDT)
  2. Rampurhat Jn (RPH)