Why should I use ConfirmTKT.com?

ConfirmTKT is sleek, efficient and result oriented.
Salient features of ConfirmTKT are:-

  • Predict the confirmation chances of the waiting list PNR.
  • Check for alternate routes between the stations.
  • Search various trains between any two stations.
  • Check for availability of tickets on any particular train on any day of the week.
  • Arrival and departure times of the train.
  • Save train schedules offline for later viewing.
  • Check the PNR status anytime.

How can I search for trains on Confirmtkt.com?

Confirmtkt.com is very simple to use and very quick and convenient in operation.

  • SOURCE- Put in the name of the station from where you wish to board the train.
  • DESTINATION- Put in the name of your destination.
  • CLASS- Put in the class by which you wish to ride, say, Sleeper class, AC class etc.
  • DATE OF JOURNEY- Date for which you wish to search for the trains.
  • QUOTA-Put in whether you are looking for General or Tatkal quota trains.

What ticket status codes are used during reservation process?

Ticket jargon used can be difficult to understand even for the regular commuters, let alone the new ones. Here is a list of various kinds of tickets that can be issued:-


    This means that seat/berth is available and has been reserved for your journey. Your ticket will clearly indicate your berth type, seat number, etc. However, in case of first class AC sleeper or first class non-AC this information is not mentioned.


    This system exists only for following classes:-

    • Second AC Sleeper (2A)
    • Three-tier AC Sleeper (3A)
    • AC Sleeper Economy (3E)
    • First Class Non-AC (FC)
    • Sleeper Class Non-AC (SL)

    It means that the passenger has to share the berth with another passenger, usually the side-lower berth.


    All the seats have already been reserved and you are not allowed to board the train with WL ticket. You may be pushed to RAC or CNF status if someone cancels his/her ticket.

What are various kinds of WL prepared by railways?

List is as follows:-

  • GNWL (General Wait List)

    Issued to people beginning their journey from, or stations close to, the originating station of the train.
    Highest chances of confirmation.

  • RLWL (Remote Location Wait List)

    Issued to passengers travelling to intermediate stations.
    Less chance of confirmation.

  • PQWL (Pooled Quota Wait List)

    This list is shared by many small stations and is issued is you are travelling for intermediate part of the journey.

  • RLGN (Remote Location General Wait List)

    If you book a RLWL ticket, it is renamed as RLGN ticket.

  • RSWL (Roadside Station Wait List)

    It is issued when booking from originating station to a road-side station and the distance restrictions may not apply.
    Less chance of confirmation.

  • RQWL (Request Wait List)

    When travelling between intermediate stations, if ticket is not covered by general quota, remote locations quota or pooled quota, it goes into RQWL.

  • CKWL (Tatkal Wait List)

    A tatkal ticket gets directly confirmed if opportunity comes. It is not pushed into RAC list like GNWL. However, GNWL gets preference over CKWL.

How to check the PNR status?

You check the status of your PNR here

  1. Enter your valid PNR.
  2. Click on the Get PNR Status button to get the current status of your PNR instantly.

Does confirmTKT store my PNRs?

Data security is one of our main priorities.

Confirmtkt neither stores any of your PNR information nor use it for any other purpose. So you don’t need to worry about it.

What does “get alternates” option mean?

This option can be used to get information about alternate travel options to your destination in case a confirmed ticket is not available for your destination. This gives you two choices:-

Same Source:
You have heard about flights with stops and catching another from the next airport instead of, say, a direct flight, right? Well we use the same concept.

Say, you wish to travel from BANGALORE CY JN to KACHEGUDA, but tickets are not available for direct journey. So, as shown by the “get alternates” option, you can go from BANGALORE CY JN to PENUKONDA first, and from PENUKONDA to KACHEGUDA, for which confirmed tickets are available. Similar routes can be available with other intermediate stations as well.

Next Source:
A little more fancy! Even if the tickets are not available for your station, they may be available for the station after that. This costs more but you can get to your destination comfortably.

Let us say that you are travelling from BANGALORE CY JN to NAGPUR JN but the tickets are not available to that station. So what you can do now is, book tickets from BANGALORE CY JN to H. NIZAMUDDIN instead, and get down at NAGPUR JN to reach your destination

How can I get the information about alternate travel options for my journey?

This is described in 3 easy steps below:-

  1. Enter all the required information and click search.

  2. Now you will be displayed a list of available trains along with all the relevant information. If you wish to check the alternate routes for, say, KACHEGUDA EXPRESS- just click the “get alternates” option at the end of the row.

  3. Within no time, you will have full information about all other possible options for your journey

What is confirmTKT status?

If the status shows “Confirm” – Most likely, your ticket will get confirmed (more than 70% chances).

If the status shows “Probable” – Medium Chances of Confirmation. (30%-70% chances).

If the status shows “No Chance” – Very low chance for ticket to be confirmed. Look for alternate options specified in the search results. (less than 30% chances).

I applied coupon code, but have not received any emails. What should i do now?

In that case please write us to support@confirmtkt.com. We will surely look into the matter and do the possible things for you

Where do i find more offers ?

Please check the offers page for any active offers.

How do I apply coupon code ?

There will be space “ Apply Coupon” where you can easily get to access to use offers.

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I cancelled my ticket, but have not received my refund yet.

The refund is provided as per with our cancellation policy. The refund can be credited to the source of payment (Example: debit card, credit card, net banking).

I have not received my full cancellation amount.

The refund is provided as per with our cancellation policy. The refund can be credited to the source of payment (Example: debit card, credit card, net banking).

My Bus got cancelled. What are my options now?

You will get your refund back. Incase your bus operator cancel the bus from there side.

Can I cancel my ticket online?

Most of the tickets can be cancelled online. However, there are some tickets that can only be cancelled through our call center. Bookings can be cancelled if done 10 hours prior to departure, in such cases refund will be processed through same mode within 10 working days. Please contact any of our executives for cancellation details on any specific service.

How can I cancel my bus ticket online?

You need to click on the cancellation link provided on our home page. Enter your ticket number and the e-mail ID that was provided at the time of booking and click on cancel ticket.

How can I get a refund in case I cancel my ticket?

The refund is provided as per with our cancellation policy. The refund can be credited to the source of payment (Example: debit card, credit card, net banking) or credited to confirmtkt wallet. Wallet credit can be used for bus booking in future (within 6 months of cancellation).

My Bus got cancelled. What are my options now?

You will get your refund back. Incase your bus operator cancel the bus from there side.

What does Prediction mean ?

Prediction is a decision making assistant which helps you decide if you can book a Train ticket or not. Based on your boarding point, destination, date of journey and thorough analysis of past trends we can accurately predict if you will be able to get a confirmed ticket by the date of your journey.

How does Confirmtkt predict the PNR status?

ConfirmTkt uses Machine Learning and learns from current as well as past booking trends, station quota, seasons, holidays, days of the week and many other parameters while computing predictions.
As the ticket confirmation chances may vary from a holiday/weekend to a normal day, we maintain booking trends for holidays /weekends separately and use these data for calculating prediction.
Also, we consider RAC as confirmed because passengers are allowed to travel on trains even if the ticket is in RAC status.

What is Accuracy of ConfirmTkt Prediction Service?

Its 97% that we will hold while calculating the accuracy of getting the ticket “Confirmed”.

If ConfirmTkt status is Confirm does it mean there is high probability that I’ll get a berth?

Yes, according to our historical data, we are 97% sure that you will get a confirmed berth to reach to your desire destination.

My ticket is in Wait List (WL), should I book a ticket?

If the “Confirmtkt” status is showing “Confirm” then there is 97% chance where your W/L ticket will get confirmed or else we show the probable chances of the waiting list ticket.

What does same train alternates mean?

Same train alternates option gives you ways to book tickets on the same train using other available quotas.

How many types of Same Train Alternates does ConfirmTkt show?

There are four types of same train alternates
  1. Previous station alternate - You can book ticket from a previous station and choose boarding point as your station
  2. Next station alternate - You can book ticket to a station after your destination and get down at your destination
  3. Break alternate - you can book two tickets and switch your seat at an intermediate station
  4. Previous, Next Alternate - This is a combination of 1 and 2 . You can book ticket from previous station to a station after your destination. Do not forget to choose boarding point as your actual station.

How do I change boarding point of a train during booking?

You can change your boarding point easily while booking with irctc. Please refer following screenshot

Do I need to pay extra money for booking a alternate ticket ?

Yes. A nominal fare as you book tickets to a different station. But having a confirm ticket is always better than a waitlisted ticket.

What does alternates with hop mean?

You can travel by two trains / bus using this type of alternates.

How many types of alternates with hop mean does ConfirmTkt show?

  1. Train + Train
  2. Train + Bus
  3. Bus + Bus

What is Current Status and Booking Status?

Booking status means the status of your ticket at the time of booking.
Current status means the status of your ticket at present or currently.

What is RAC?

RAC is 'Reservation Against Cancellation' meaning that a person allotted a RAC ticket will get a berth only if an already confirm ticket holder doesn't show up for the journey or gets his ticket cancelled. But for the time being, a single birth is given to two RAC ticket holders which they have to share for the entire journey.

When does Chart Preparation for a train gets completed?

Usually for all trains, chart is prepared 4-6 hours before its schedule departure from Origin station.

Why am I getting errors while checking PNR sometimes?

PNR status is directly fetched from Indian Railway site.

How can I subscribe for PNR notifications?

You can easily subscribe PNR notification by subscribing with your email id. As soon as PNR get confirmation you will get a Confirmation mail from “Confirmtkt”

How to get PNR Status via SMS on mobile?

You could check PNR Status of your ticket via SMS on mobile by sending out SMS to any of below numbers in the following manner.
  • PNR <10-digit PNR Number> to 139
  • PNR <10-digit PNR Number> to 54959
  • PNR <10-digit PNR number> to 5676747
  • IRPNR <10-digit PNR Number> to 57886

How to get PNR Status via Phone call?

You could call 139 to check PNR Status of your ticket and other details.

How do I check for Indian Railways cancelled trains?

You can use following option on App.

How do I check for Indian Railways diverted trains?

You can use following option on App.

How do I check for Indian Railways rescheduled trains?

You can use following option on App.

How do I check where a particular train is?

You can use running status feature to check.

How am I seeing different status for my train.

This is common error users do while selecting their train. There can be multiple instances of same train. Example 12840 chennai to howrah mail. There can be multiple instances of this train for today. Because train that started yesterday from chennai is still on the way to Howrah. So after you select train please make sure you select your date and station carefully.

Can I check the average delay of a train?

Yes, You can find average delay information along with schedules.

How do I check Time Table or schedule of a train?

Click train schedule icon on app. Or you can use website for schedules.

How can I check Train Schedule or Time Table offline?

You can check train schedule offline only on app. Once you search for any train when you are online it save the schedule automatically offline to user’s mobile.

How do I check for on which platform does a train usually arrive?

You can use train schedule to get that information. Alternatively you can also use Live station feature for a particular station.

How do i check trains running in the next few hours?

You can use live station for this. Using live station you can get information about trains in the next 2/4 hours from a station. You can find timing as well as platform information.

What is TATKAL Booking and how it is done?

Tatkal tickets are meant for last minute or immediate plans. It is the most sought after mode of booking tickets for train travel.

I booked a ticket but my PNR got waitlisted.When will i receive my refund?

No cancellation charges or clerkage fee is charged and full amount is refunded even for confirmed tatkal tickets.

Money got deducted from my account but have not received any ticket.

Money is automatically credited back to account. User is not required to do anything. Just check the bank account or failed transaction history after login in IRCTC. A duration of 7 days has been prescribed by irctc for refund. Mostly within 2 to 3 days refund is done.

What to do if my app crashes?

If app crashes please help us to send the screenshot of the crash site to our support mail id i.e support@confirmtkt.com. Our team will look into the issue.

Why am I not able to see PNR Status?

Their might be a case that Indian Railway site is down or your PNR is incorrect or PNR date of journey is expired. Please check your PNR and try again. In case of any issues you can reach out to us at support@confirmtkt.com.

What payment type you accept?

We accept Debit card,Credit card and Net Banking type of payment. We accept the cards that is issued in India only.

How fast should i complete the online payment?

Payment for any booking, after selecting the seats has to be completed within 8 minutes.After completing 8 minutes if payment is not success your order will be void and the seat seat will be release for others to book.

Fare is different from what was showed in the app or website.

There might two or three categories of seat on that particular bus service(sleeper,seater,backbencher) so the fare will be different in every particular type of seat.

I got a different seat from the one I booked.

It depends upon the bus operator but you will get a after feedback mail of your journey where you can write your grievances of the same.