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very bad condition and I already complaint given to railway .cleanliness in second ac was nil no one came even once,i asked many times the reply wasmy contractor is not appointed anyone.i pay for 2 nd a.c ticket after that also I didn't get confirm was a cheating from confirm ticket site day before and same day early morning I called up and asked if the ticket confirm then only I travel they said its confirm and chart prepared now you cant cancel.the agent and the site is fake and I want half of my payment because I got one seat ony for two.i suffer too much.


I don't want to remember about the toilets, it's disaster..No cleaning and no water on toilets...And what railway think ,I don't know , about the passengers.... Very very poor condition inside the train. There is no TTE inside the compartment and the train like a market... How horrible the journey was ...

Very poor and worst management, indian railway is interested in collecting money only. TTs are collecting money from general ticketers and alloting seat. There is no point in Reserving tickets, now a days reservation compartments are just like general compartments. Govt is looting people and not even providing any minimum facilities


there was an incident where i was physically abused, no rail police or attendant was there to help me out with the issue even my co passengers were not helpful in sleeper class evry one is allowed making it unsafe for the travellers you shld make a note of this


train running late by 7 hours +, journey starts on 9 jun,once water finish in toilet on the same day and nobody refill the water .(water refilled at 11th jun morning)water taps are not fitted properly,very bad condition....


They are not providing drinking water with food. Toilets are very bad in view cleanliness. If the RAC tickets cannot be confirmed then why you are providing RAC tickets for journey of more than 12hrs. In the time no security, peoples are lying on the floor you cannot able to walk in case of fire or any sorts other emergency the travelers will die in the coach itself. Very worst railway system.


no punctuality and food services and food service staff are pathetic. I asked veg biriyani for lunch.after delivery of food he asked me to give 60Rs for veg iam a frequent traveller in i always keep rate list of irctc foods.i questioned the guy who gave me the food..then he told me the exact rate.. pls take necessary action


No cleanliness in toilets. At least there should be a service to clean the floor as it's a long distance train. The pantry within the train charges more money than MRP. The drinking water which is 15rs is charged 20rs even though it's not chilled. How can a common people send 5 rs more for water.


In train no any hand sanitizer liquid no one come for cleaning through out the journey, Train Late by 8.30hours.& food quality of the train mean pentory car is too chip.


Worse experience. No cleaning in sleeper coaches. Poop was lying in toilet and no one cleaned it for my entire journey. No dustbins. Even the pantry crew threw coffee packets out of train. DO NOT OPT FOR THIS TRAIN.


Cleaning is done usually in all trains but during this travel no one arrived till kalyan. I got down at kalyan jn. Everyone should know the contact number of TTE for the travel, so that in case we want to contact him for some action. We can contact him.


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