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The Total rating is based overall rating of food, cleanliness and punctuality of the train SWARAJ EXPRESS


In 2nd class ac there is no water in toilets, poor cleanliness, food quality pathetic, representative who sell railway food chew guthka and blue shirt printed with red paan, basic tea which everyone need is so pathetic...


No cleanness in train, pantry person took extra charges, if tell them they argument with us, bad service from pantry staf and bad service from cleanness no water in coach


Very bad service to passenger by Railway....My Coach S10 Seat 78'79'54'53,55....I am paying money but not get good service...bad Toilet,and Basin pipe leak all water come in my seat ....very bad service IRCTC....same ganeral passenger are come sl coach...TC not fine any person....and S10 Coach and General Coach is totally open.... ganeral passenger is come S10 Coach....I Complan TC but not any responsibility any person Railway person....Katra to BRC not any TC check my coach Tickets.....what is this service immediately action this situation and Regarding person....and No check up RPF...and No Raound.any coach.....


Train was very dirty and stinking. Even the bedding provided at 3rd AC was extremely dirty, unwashed. No cleaning at all, even ac coach attendents were not there when reported to TC his answer was staff is on leave and have to bear with it. Date of travel - 26.12.2018 from NDLS to Bandra terminus.


very bad conditions of bath rooms all bathroom choked up no hospitality service done during the journey and 80 people capacity in one coupe and 200 people on boaed. during my journey on 28 Dec 218


Very poor cleaning. Impossible to sit in seat near toilet side. Seats are wet at time of sit from Katra- which is starting point. My mobile stolen before Subji Mandi station from window by a snatcher. Acxording to train staff every time 2-3 mobile snatches between Subji mandi and Mathura.


Washrooms were very dirty, no proper cleaning, Sleeper class was just like general as no control over peoples no check for tickets/peoples from ambala cantt. to New Delhi station.


no clean toilets no good food no security . Beggers coming and begging out side people selling goods . Short distance peoples come and sitting in reservation section. only one thing is good timing punctuality is vary vary good. plz i request to our govt plz make some strict rules and u trust on our PM and railway minister. Jai bharat


train infrastructure is good and the pantry staff also good specially Vijay he is handling customers with the excellent skills............ but there is one problem that you have done the excellent work by establishing the dustbins.... but when they filled up no one is taking care to empty it and because of that people throw the waste outside.... as we know that this is our country and first time the Prime Minister taken the good initiative so kindly do some needful and work on that.... and rather than this every thing is quite good. jai hind jai Bharat


How should i know ??? There should be a window where if the train is running late the ticket holder can cancel the ticket - as i was having my flight from sahar international airport at 10 pm - how could i travel in a train which is running 1- 1:30 late ???? Why there is no one to speak about this problem


Very pathetic experience. Totally unclean as seen in the picture. When asked attendant he said there is no cleaner. Also when spoke to TT, he said it's coming from Katra and they have complained many times but still no response from them. The coach was stinking and all the dirt was at our place.


At Night so many unreserved traveler entered in sleeper coach and sleep in passage , toilets became dirty due to unreserved traveler , beggars etc ., Also the rate charged by pantry are more than MENU Price e.g. Menu price of Veg Biryani Rs.60/- they charge Rs.80/- also Tea Rs.5 / charge Rs.10/- like that in each item they charge more .