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The Total rating is based overall rating of food, cleanliness and punctuality of the train BANGALORE RAJDHANI EXPRES


Very bad experience, train was aprox 7 hours late. No effort to make the time. Toilets were very dirty, no water in toilets. The pantry was not ready to serve as according to them time was over. I will never travel again by this train.

I enjoyed the journey n hospitality...I also got refund when I cancelled a ticket from the group since there was a rumour that if booking is done through debit/credit card...then one may not get refund...but to my expectations I got the refund almost on time...I am satisfied


I was in B7 and checked near by coaches almost every toilets are dirty and not in condition to use after using by any one ,even some of doors weren't closing properly,there was no hand wash in some of the toilets .Food quality is also average using regular rice not basmati,in dry sabji using water not fried,curry is also average served ice cream @ 10:30 that time I was sleeping so I refused.


There was an army platoon travelling in train. They put not only their luggage but also their official equipments which were in loads and big trunks and therefore no space to put steps freely even and position to adjust. It become more horrible when that para military or army jawans were drinking inside the trains and even smoking. What a ride it was...horrible experience..and the last one. When such reputed and people holding and part of such reputable institution behaving so immaturely then how could u expect good from general public. I want to take this forward to a legitimate level that can be heard and action taken. People travelling got ill and sick and even vomited due to bad all happend in the 3 tier coach of rajdhani which is one of the best trains till now in India and for which we boast. Please if u seriously want to have genuine feedback and u want to be believed as one of the best. Please do take action.


The experience in Rajdhani is degrading day by day. Let it be cleanliness, quality of compartments, pest controlling, food quality, staff behaviour, etc. There have been times when we've to ask for the basic essentials which is required. Eg: Linens, pillow, Water Bottle, etc. The quality check or the inspection should be done alternatively, though it's little difficult as the train is running everyday.


When passenger come to the seat AT every station than attender attend the passenger and pantry voy give water and other refreshment. But no body can ask us ?ítem is given us whenever í told him.


It was quitely good... But about the service it was not upto the mark... I asked for single spoon but the staffs are telling "you can tell to other staff " I had to wait for 10 min for a single spoon in the last moment I had to go myself... Overall it's good. Thank you


#1. Serving staff - We got our seats exchanged as the other party were having kids to manage. The serving staff was very rude to serve the dinner as the seats are exchanged. very bad experience. #2 Toilets - couple of bathrooms are so bad that no one can even enter. even the normal trains would have better toilets than this.


food quality and behaviour of pantry staff is pathetic. food written on itenary not served. for eg. curd was not served in dinner.when asked pantry boy replied bhool gaya. quality and qty of nonveg is really pathetic.pantry manager said problem with base kitchen can't help. even when requested for continental food .it was refused.


Very poor pantry services. At 21.00 we hrs, we got our water bottle. At 21.30, we got soup & at 22.15, we got our meals. Next day, got breakfast at 09.15 hrs, lunch at 14.15 hrs & dinner at 21.45 hrs. Quality of food prepared in pantry car was better in comparison to IRCTC SUPPLIED FOOD. Another point is why irctc is supplying only 2 (two) bottles of water. It must be minimum 3 (three) bottles.


Food quality to be improved the vegetable like patato served no dahi no icecream atleast good Palak Paneer, or Shahi Paneer, mix veg and salad should be given atleast for upper class.


extra drinking water bottel not available, full night i sleep thirsty. No drinking water give by coach boy and the behavior of them very bad. I am not asking for free water. very bad experience.