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GKP PNVL EXP (15065) 

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2A  3A  SL 

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The Total rating is based overall rating of food, cleanliness and punctuality of the train GKP PNVL EXP


The hygiene condition is very pathetic of this train, toilets are without flush. Pantry service is very unhealthy. Person selling smelly food (Channa masala).


tte never visits to check ticket which causes inconvenience for passenger having sleeper class ticket but hve to share there seats with unreserved ticket crowd


सफाई बिलकुल नहीं होती है , कोच में नहीं कोई dasvin रखा गया है की कूड़ा रखा जाए, खाने और चाय के नाम पर उल्लू बनाया जाता है इसकी कोई गुणवत्ता नही होती है l Pani ke bottle भी तीन गुना दामों में बेचा जाता है कोच की देख भाल करने वाला कोई नही है । धंडी के मौसम में हिटर चालू करना होता है पर गोरखपुर से मुंबई तक हम ऐसे ही ठंडी में आए । न इसमें गरम पानी की व्वास्था है। लोग इतना पैसे क्यों खर्च करते है ताकि लोगों को अच्छी सुविधा मिले पर पैसे तो लिऐ जाते है पर सुविधा के नाम पर जीरो है । मैं b३ मैं सफर कर रहा हूं


in B4 coach toilets were so dirty and Cochraches were roaming on birth seat i have called so many times on this number (9555221914) but they didn't solve our problems specially toilets yak 🤮


dirty not cleaning 🧹🧼 properly and no focus any person it's very bad and pain full and bacteria 🦠🧫 and kitano also this train not well any person then wear go shee and ladies and gents toilet front of dor right but it's easy to 1 coach 1 personal toilet to ladies and gents don't be a mix-up and 1 think 🤔 sleepers coach is not sleeper its local coach and y you cancel tickets passenger coming in side and axtra pay then another people taucher and teuoble please notice this all people's republic thinking and problems solution then recommended ⭐✨ star's ok then i told you about not understand so call me 8454804981


train not cleaned in entire journey. coach attended not seen entire journey. no blankets provided toilet not clean terrible serive


no difference in sleeper and AC coaches. Indian railways only maintain shatabdi and rajdhani ac coaches. should be taken care of normal trains also.


Though I didn't had train food. Toilet were highilly stinking and no water to flush human waste. Coach attendant was not in uniform, no closing of door between Sleeper class and AC 3 Coach. Unauthorized persons were roaming in the AC coach they could be baggage lifter than what is a security to travel in AC compartment. I request to rectify these points and make passengers feel safe..


Very Third class train in terms of Punctuality... Never depend on this train if you want to reach your destination on time. 1st time I experienced 17hours late train again there is no Pantry in the train and if there is any other need of Food and water then you will have to get down from the train... Always take 24hours extra time in your hand if you want to travel from this train


No facility for food... It was very bad experience.. Temperature was also not maintained properly inspite of complainig again and again


very very bad train clenliness not good water is not coming in toilet and hand wash basin this is the condition of ac coach ....and sleeper coach god knows .ac not working efficiently...overall bad service


Sleeper class is general class of this train no TT visits so might is right. the coach is full of waste and toilets are filthy.