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DAKSHIN EXP (12721) 

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The Total rating is based overall rating of food, cleanliness and punctuality of the train DAKSHIN EXP


All the train on this route has a impeccable amenities but 12721 Dakshin is in worst phase Now as there is no proper cleaning of lavatories and no linen supply till date as well.IR has to take a note on it and act religiously.Thank you


ram ram ji train is not clean . fooding is very bad 😞 washroom is also not clean . plz sir do some thing we are one of the fastest developing country in the world. Jai hind


worst toilets. passengers swelling pan in sink and water got struck on it. neatness of washrooms are worst. And main important thing in this train was, unreserved passenger are more in this compartments and getting disturbance. no proper reservation ticket passengers are getting intlo sleepers compartnents.


I am in D2 sitting seat, this not like chair seat. General people are also here, they are seated on gate floor, toilet side, upper side of my seat. fully crowded in this corona time. I really dont like it. Very disappointed.


This train needs a lot of changes regarding passengers entry because even in reservation area, people are enjoying their travel and bothering others without any tickets and it's seems to be a local train area.


i my coach,,general people was there,,,,,nd they spoke louder as well as misbehave with senior citizens....that's very disgraceful.... and Tc allowed them to seat their....


रिजर्वेशन में जनरल पब्लिक इतनी ज्यादा घुस जाती है कि रात अपने सामान की सुरक्षा में वितानी पड़ती है।पुलिसः कुछ नही करती। दुर्भाग्यपूर्ण है कि हम अतिरिक्त पैसा देकर भी न आराम कर पाते न ही सामान सुरक्षित रख पाते।tte का कहि आता पता नही रहता।


food was the worst. train was clean. had a good ambience in the coach. reached on time and AC was enough for a good cooling. must order the food from nagpur as the food served on board was pathetic. breakfast had cutlet and bread, idli, upma, etc and it was nice. the train was punctual.


Train is Ok and fine and the timing is also good but the problem is there ..the problem is the invalid person means without reservation people are comes in coach and they will fight with reserve seat people and asking seat and the one problem more ..TT is not doing our work if the reserve person are come to late in our seat then TT is sold out that person seat to others in very less cost without any fine and they will put money in our pls try to solved this problem bcs the Normal passenger will face problem


After facing a pathetic travel expirence while coming to Hyderabad in Humsafar,the return journey was just opp,really amazed by the service of on board house keeping,cleanliness, punctuality & food quality of train.


Cleanliness required. Very dirty train compartment. Please take care of cleanliness always. Also stop unauthorised benders, sellers, inside compartment as well as on railway stations. Thanks.


washroom are not clean washbasin are choked and so many local general ticket passenger are travelling in the reserved boggie no action are taken by the TC and the boggie is full on congusted with general ticket passenger