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The Total rating is based overall rating of food, cleanliness and punctuality of the train HWH-SC FALAKNUMA EXP


What is use make reservation, if without reservation people also entered in sleepercalss how much discomfort reserved guys. When we make the reservation you people asking gender though your team make ensure peer group also family means with spouse could be arranged.Morever train 2 hours late. More than worst experience we has about this journey.


Worst railway travel experience in my life.Toilets are without water, stinking. No cleaning staff all along the journey.Reserved coaches ar like general compartments.Four persons occupying a single seat.No TTE ever seen. The coach mitra app not working


The ever worst journey shich I have faced with this train.No punctuality,too much.Why dont the Indian Railways maintain the timings ?If the train is delayed more than 1 hr then the Indian Railways must return the full fare of tickets.Like that the system should be.It will not return the amount and it will not maintain the timings.Upto certain station if train is delayed ,Why dont they cover the time in ghe next few hours?Falaknuma exp right time at Vijayawada is 3:25 AM,it arrived at 6:30 and started at 6:50 .From there to Secunderabad it will take 6 hours.But it came at 3:20 PM .I cant understand this.One of my worst joufneys ever had.


Train was way too delayed and even more horrible is that we dont have even basic amenities for people to wait in the railways station for the train!!! we dont ever know if the train is on time or not!? We have to come and end up waiting on the platform for the train which we will announced only 10-15 minutes before the actual arrival time of the train


Very good run time. Relatively cleaner bathrooms. Food is from pantry car and as per standards. Too many people. Very much felt like a general class coach in a sleeper coach. Very uncomfortable due to too many general people. Useless to book the train in sleeper coach.


World is updating , but why Toilets in trains are maintaining same old flushing system which is totally inefficient .The surface of the indian toilet is so flat try to do some research and find better models and designs for toilet comod and flushing system


this is a Pantry car but they charged double rate for meal. also they don't provide package water which alloted will meal. Also they threaten me. When I called the manager they denied to call him also denied to gave me complain book. they didn't give me proper bill for my meal. please look into the matter. this contracter didn't provide package( 250ml) water, sweets to all of passengers which allotted by IR for the passenger with meal.


this my worst traveling experience with my family. I don't know whom to blame. its okay to share and adjust with the copassengers( with general ticket) for short distances and for few hours. people from West Bengal and odissa sit and liedown there on the floor between berths even don't allow us to place our luggage. and coming to the odor of the train one should experience it and I can't explain it here. it is just my experience not 5o hurt any one.


the train is already late by one hour and then at the station of Visakhapatnam it reached by 10 pm not yet started yet now the time is 12.15 the train was stopped almost 2.15 hours may i know what's the reason behind that and we are trying to ask TTE but they not yet respond it properly


All average std. Sitting in own seat is also pathetic. As W/L passenger's are occupying our seats. We have to adjust with them until unless they get a seat. Neither TTE nor GRP doing nothing to this problem. Hope it will be considered soon. Anil Kumar


The train was delayed by 2 hours at my journey starting point and reached my destination 3 1/2 hours late, please see that if the train is running late, it should try to cover upto some extent but not still delay.


no. security. only one security force in the train coach attendent are bogus. how they allow unauthorised to board the train especially in ha1. one passenger of berth no. 11 has lost 5000 rupees. coz of theft.