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LALBAGH EXP (12608) 

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CC  2S 

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The train never reaches on time ... All the 4times when I have travelled on this train it reaches half an hour or more delay every time. Otherwise it's worth it for the amount


Hi, bring it to your notice that, after booking the ticket it went to waiting list & not yet confirmed, we been forest to take one more regular ticket by TT, we got it to D3 reserved bogie, their was a one family reserved complete bogie & they were behaving as complete train is belongs to them & they don't want to stand next to exit door, they're behaving as inhumane & no respect any one & they were pushing us out.. please take necessary action to increase the general bogie at function secession & reserved bogie can be used to standing for non reserved passengers. the restroom was very bad smally & food service providers was not using hand cloves. since I was not using my reserved tickets, please refund my money & also improve the train ticket booking App more user friendly.


his very disappointed to inform that ,we book 5 tickets ,but we got only 3 , 2 his still waiting list till we reached katppadi , so Mony seats are empty only , So please make sure if seat availability and conformed thanks .


Avoid unreserved person in cohesion. it is difficult for senior citizen who book the ticket in advance train punchility very late to katapadi void selling persons Train mentioned to travell people conford


good but in ac also second seting people are fully standing and siting in floor ac coch tt not teaken any action this is why we are paying extra that to thatcal but we do not have right when we want to get out in ststion 2nd siting people are standing in the door with in 1 minit she have to get out no way good maintne keetup thts why we are going bus singal lady 62 + how she will mange tell i want reply from you


very old compartment. Seats are not good. very less moving place.Poor conditions of the per ticket one corner seat alloted but in the compartment it is not a corner seat. The train was late by mofre than 30 min. food is average


It is very hard to sit even in the reserved coach as people without reservation also enter the coach and block access to seats and the infrastructure. Also difficulty in comfortable seating.


we booked ticket but we enable travel because in a railway bogies all the reservation full of unreserved people in the compartments we unable to travel that one do something for those and needful


No Hygiene in the food supply by pantry, vendors not bothered about the food sold consumed by the passengers. They carry the food on the head and touch the food with ceiling at the toilets while moving from one compartment to another and also they touch all the dirty places and with same hands touch directly the food. Toilets need to be kept cleaned by the house keeping team on board, it is stinking.


All three are OK. Except, the passengers, who are with un reserved ticket are traveling casually without any checking. And making trouble the reservation passengers. It should be regularize by the railway department


kindly make sure that Tickets are checked in all the compartments. open ticket passengers too travel in the reservation coach and make it very much congested to sit. inspite of making the reservation we traveled like in an unreserved coach.


speed of train must be increased. Electrified with double track it must reach in 4 hours. Dustbin is damaged n must be taken care of. TT was kind