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The Total rating is based overall rating of food, cleanliness and punctuality of the train SWARAJ EXPRESS


Train did not arrive on time. approx 1 hr late. The toilet condition was so bad. Even I have seen so many people who were coming from the toilet,they were vomiting continuesly..No housekeeping person was there..


For a senior citizen you allot berth no 1 right next to the door. Thought the journey with every bang of the door a thud results in his brain Doors are not maintained. Toilets as usual not hygienic PL KEEP the door in mind when allotting berth


Train was so dirty. There was no house-keeping in train at all. No water & liquid soap in few compartments. Tried to complain 3 times to t.c. but no body seem to be interested. Asked for complaint rajistar but regret to inform nobody responded. Recommend not to travel in AC coach if you desire for cleanliness. Its waste of money by travelling in 3AC.


Condition of the toilets left a lot to be desired.Though the stickers in two of the toilets indicated that they were Bio-toilets, they were not. It remains a puzzle as to why the toilets are not cleaned by the maintenance staff at least every 8 hours. Items served by the Pantry were priced higher than what the IRCTC site has listed.The quality needs to be improved.


Train was supposed to stop for 5 minutes at Udhampur station but it resumed its journey in merely 2 mins. My aged mother father along with my sister and niece and good amount of luggage were travelling from Vadodara to Udhampur. My sister was unable to get off and had to pull the Chain.... Very pathetic experience. Authorities should look into it and trains should be made to follow the halt timings...


Hello my name is gurdeep singh every year I am travelling from mumbai to jammu 3 to 4 times so according my view the system of this train is vary bad like poor quality food no security personal seeing from mumbai to jammu for checking of unauthorised people's checking travelling without tickets or travelling in general ticket and journey in SLEEPER or 3rd ac mostly in SLEEPER classes and two more things beggers are begging hawkers are selling there goods and bathrooms are totally dirty and no water in the train. Sir I request to railway ministry plz do something to take some action because it's our country property people's property so let's come to clean my India clean our railway thanks regard GURDEEP SINGH


There was staff to clean up the A1 coach. On checking learnt that housekeeping staff had abandoned the train except for one supervisor who couldn't go away. He tried his best to do the task. Some helpline numbers for complaining the situation should be posted in the train. Or at the back of the ticket.


Seat not confirm so many dificultad face during the journey. Your contractor taken Rs. 120 rupees for dinner but you have provide the list of food rate that food only Rs.50 (veg. Food) . They have taken 2.5 multiple fro. Their actual price. And also same problem faced for food supply on 21st Oct journey ndls to ranchi by jharkhand samprak kranti. This is the very big curruption at your railway food contractor. And any choice for passenger they have paid that many to them.


There was 5 robbery had happened between New Delhi and Sabji Mandi Railway stations and there was no RPF / GRP personal were presented during the incident. I was travelling in A2 coach and there were no cleaning staff presented during my entire journey. The train reached 6.30 hour late at Ludhiana station. So the entire journey was pathetic.


Train is so late till now it has not yet reached Panipat where it was scheduled to reach by 6am.Very bad service.. Can someone please help me with the reason for such delay. Staff is ok.. No such problem from their side. M


The train, s 2nd AC coach is too much old and sufficient cleanliness is required corridor was not cleaned properly. The toilets are too much in bad condition toilet soap liquid not filled and the liquid soap containers are not good.


no cleanliness they said v only clean ac coach toilet is very bed the coach they attach very old i pay 1580 for sleeper primieum tatkal but not get service i compalint many times tweet olso but no action very bed servise by staff train was late also this is like passanger train very bad immprove the service of this train when you take exta fair take action to staff cleaning and who decide to urgest the coaches