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GOA S KRANTI (12450) 

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The Total rating is based overall rating of food, cleanliness and punctuality of the train GOA S KRANTI


it was a worst nightmare as the train got cancelled near Kota junction because of goods train accidentally derailed in front of that. none of the measures were taken by govt of India in supporting passengers to their destiny


Rain water coming in 3AC coach due to thia laugage and beg totally wet and some material got damage.Please return my fareand also refund which was damage due to rain


do not order food from train wait for a big station and directly buy from there , irctc food is very high on price and low on content


Wash room was very dirty, even no water in 3rd A.C.'s toilet, food quality was very bad and not even a single staff doing their job properly.. Very bad experience..


Zero for food quality Pantry guys charge double Previous day's items (paratha, wada) given for breakfast Zero for train toilets Zero for train quality for housekeeping 2 for punctuality Toilets are Stinking & not maintained. Train is smelling bad. Only 2 bedsheets given. Had 2 use old pillows & blankets.


not cleaning, no water, no t. c taken round. no police taken round. extra people without ticket. pantry charge. is very high. no food quality. plz check. myself travel on 24th Feb.


the attendants must be active and learn to beahve properly if a passenger is spending so much they must recieve the services properly.No pillows given when asked for changing quilts of left passengers only one pillow cover was given and then the revert given was 'Yahi h bas itna hi milta h' no towels were given.


The people in the train seem that they have own the property of certain boggie which is alloted to them in such a way you can see in photo, there should be some rule & regulations that should be followed by the passenger who are traveling


no charging point train is totally damage from inside to Ticket Checker came till right now my journey is also going to over still no T.T


The train stops are ver less but train is still taking lot of time in travelling. I think travelling time should be reduced for this train by railways.


cleanliness - boarded the train at NZM and the seats were full of dust.....people used newspapers and cloths to clean the seats....there were four contract guys for cleaning they showed only at night with a bottle of phenyl and one wiper... he sprayed the phenyl and later cleaned the phenyl and somewhere in between as per his wish...cockroaches were roaming here and there.... punctuality - was late at NZM by an hour but covered it...but at BRC was again delayed by 15mins due to non availability of green signal to enter platform.... food- i did not avail food from the pantry...but observed a non pantry guy hawking alongwith the pantry guys all along the route...dont know how he got entry... also the pantry guys selling masala chai...were throwing the packets of masala chai on the floor of the coach...


So bad experience in this train because in running train i have lost my 2 luggage due to theft . So bad experience. Also 9 other passenger suffer same position