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The Total rating is based overall rating of food, cleanliness and punctuality of the train DBRT RAJDHANI


person not having confirm ticket have disturbed the persons having confirm tickets. It has become so crowded that the confirm berth person cannot even go for the toilets during the night journey. The door of the AC compartment coach no. B-9 starting towards the birth no. from 1234------was there most disturbing, as it was making the most noise while opening and closing the door, some rough sound was coming from it. It is my humble request to the railway Authorities, not to allow the unreserved passengers to board the train Thanks.


Irctc should improve upon Quality of Sabji(Matar Paneer without Matar) , rice was not properly cooked, Ice cream was 4months old (can be preserved if kept at -18°C refrigerated. No blanket or bed sheet and pillow provided.


I forgot to click on food option while booking tickets for my parents who are senior citizens, now railway staff is charging them even for tea, rupees 65 per cup. Not satisfied at all.


Food was terrible. I used to remember the Rajdhani of old which served at least decent meals back then. The food today was nowhere in comparison. Two small pieces of chicken including one neck piece floating in a watery curry of oil. The dal was horrible as was the two small rotis provided. I boarded at guwahati to tinsukia. They refused to change the blankets which were lying on the seats and requested us to use those. Horrible and pathetic service.


When any passenger left the train, the service staff of train asks for money.. They are like Malik thora rehem kijiye.. From Every passenger they used to take 50-100 rs. Also food quality is not good, train was not clean.


quality is good but didn't get a satisfactoin.staff only provide 1bottle of water in whole trip and didn't get curd in luch.i get good service in duranto Chennai rather than Rajdhani.


With the latest Pradhan Mantri project Swach Bharat, the quality assured and assumed to get was least provided. We faced real difficult situation with the unhygienic condition of the toilet and seating premises. Food quality was also not up to the standard.


irctc staff were very rude they did not provide dinner for guwahati people as train reached guwahati at 1100 pm they said we can't provide you food as your journey is up to guwahati.


Very dirty... Quality of Rajdhani express poor.... Poor food, poor linen, bribe especially the TTEs.... The TTEs are highly corrupted.... Getting Rs. 2000 for a seat from waitlist passengers. RAC passengers are not being cleared.


very pathetic condition.never expected such a condition from rajdhani was more of a passenger train.even waiting list passengers were allowed to enter the coach and there was chaos everywhere.please improve the condition and food quality of dibrugarh rajdhani route.all the passengers are disappointed.if you are charging dynamic fare then please do provide dynamic facilities.improve your food condition.toilet had no water.dirty toilets everywhere.all wait listed passengers all around the washroom...main gate.


Cleanness was not higenic, AC was tripped so many times. The indide condition of Rajdhani near toilet was very dirty, passengers were not convenient and never seen before this type of condition.


worst condition for waiting list passenger. ticket booked before 2 and half months has RQWL 6 which remained RQWL 2 while chart prepared. and that last moment didn't have any choice for passenger while broker ask money outside to confirm w/L ticket.