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The Total rating is based overall rating of food, cleanliness and punctuality of the train RAJDHANI EXPRESS


Railway should reduce the fare and remove the onboard food, travellers will buy if necessary in the Trainor order from online. Because food quality, hygiene, and quantity can never be improved or controlled. it is just to say that I am travelling in 2nd ac.but it can be equated with 3tier. Inner compartment and maintenance is just like other trains, Rajdhani status is no where to its standard as it used tobe.


Food quality as well as quantity should be improved. It looks Indian Railways is much worried about overweight of some its passangers! Please check amount of food served by I R in last 30 or 40 years and also price. Even 2 tier bogy no proper cleaning of Toilets. There must be atleast one functional western toilet in each coach. Onboard cleaning staff must clean all toilets in 2 tier bogies half an hour in morning from 6 to 10 and then after that every 2 hours.


Travelled first class nothing special except for the fact that one the staff waked me up and help up a tray with saunf and some money on it. At first I thought he was offering me the money and then my sleepy senses realised he was asking for some. I wondered all along for what reason he wanted a tip. For the worst food on the planet? For providing us the service for which he is paid to do? I decided it was for the latter. North East Rajdhani the worst premium rail service.


2 Ac seat is not comfortable and mainly height problem lower bed to upper bed. Food quantities extremely bad. I used so many other train also but this Rajdhani is so bad quantities chiken and dal etc. If anybody from Seniors from Railway plz contact with me 9435404036


They were proving the breakfast just before 09 00 hrs. In breakfast they were provided two pieces of slice bread without butter only honey and one omlet. How a passenger can survived on the journey more than 13 hrs by consuming such type of food. Except breakfast, they never offer us any food. At the time of leaving, they offer us tomato soup.


when I board from ddu to ndls.I have not got any service from the representative vender. And early in the morning when I supposed to ask the coach vender he told me that after 10:00 pm no services...?? very poor facility... jai hind jai bharat...staff behavior is not good..


quite disappointed . train was not that much clean as expected in Rajdhani .Food quality was also not up to mark . And the most irritating thing is Catering staffs are shamelessly demanding money to every person and yes rs 100 is minimum for them .


Very bad food, no properly time and not as per meenu, the train very bad experience many times but any time complain but no change in railway department and irctc so why you suscjastion customer please request check your end without any suggestions ok' waiting


I am travelling in Rajdhani after 4 years thinking as India is Shining, Rajdhani will also be shining, was thinking will get more changes but all things were in very bad manner food quality is very pathetic even after 4 years it is going downwards nothing is upgraded, I was hurted completely


Washrooms were not clean, Water Leakage. Train was not cleaned in between the Complete journey. Proper Hiegene is not followed for cleaning the utensils to serve the food. I saw the boggie attendant cleaning the spoons and cups with plain water. All n All.. Overrated for the services... Dynamic Fare Unnecessary..


Food is good but what I got in amritsar satabdi is very good.cleanliness is also not there they are in habit of using same pillow and bed sheet after used by other passanger. They must change pillow cover. The toilet cleaning is also not as.compared to satabdi. Overall every thing is satisfactoy. Enjoed the journey safely reached distination. Thanks


Maintenance of Coach No. B6 is pathetic. Need to be maintained on daily basis. 1/3 screws are required to be tighten. During flush out of toilet water is coming in very less amount. Food quality is very poor. Preparation ingredients are negligible.