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The Total rating is based overall rating of food, cleanliness and punctuality of the train MAS-CSMT MUMBAI MAIL


this train was cancelled & i am not receive my money i am call the customer service but they are not answering properly and she said you will call the lrctc pl help for my refund


Worst experience. there are lot of intruders who are travelling in unreserved ticket, nobody there to stop them. even I don't have space to walk for bathroom. next time please make sure to satisfy the passenger who booked the confirm ticket.


all service very very bad because now any checking tickets and all general people came reservations trabling to all people giving bad words please Railways take action.....


Staff who was given the duty for cleaning were using the ear phone in both the Ears and not responding to the passengers who were travelling in the coach After multiple intimation only Staff gave the response to senior citizen in the coach Staffs were giving the arguments response to the senior citizen passenger for requesting the staff to clean the cabin were the staff were using the Ear phone


worst unreserved persons are in s8 comportment pl take necessary action for this Mumbai mail why we get reservation confirm that railway Dept. take action one phone missing


I did not get a confirmed ticket. Had to travel by Ladies unreserved bogie. It had just 20 seats. But, at sny given time, there were 40 ladies and children, and even some gents. The bogie next to ours was for the handicapped. Virtually empty. The guard made sure only hsndicapped people travelled in it. However, the 27 hour long journey was actually fun. As the train's pantry was not for us, we had to depend on food sold in stations. Beats pantry food hands down. Also, pantry water is awful, as I experienced in my previous journey. And yes, the toilet was super clean -I too was surprised!


the train is absolutely worst . there were rats all around the coach in 3AC of B2 coach. we pay huge amount to see rats and mice around us ??? ..the food was pathetic ..couldn't even think of eating it ..I jus hate this train . started for a very great journey but the quality of train is afraiding me !!!


v good, but too many stops on the way. pillows are terrible, quality could be better. also will appreciate if water bottles and breakfast could be supplied, same as Doronto Express as in Hyderabad,/Mumbai sector. thank you!


2AC bogie which we traveled from Chennai to Mumbai CSTM was of old one. AC condition was pathetic. Though IT digital developed this much, only one mobile charger point was seen on our side. We traveled six family members. That too it was kept in one side only. On the side lower upper side, no charger point available. This much amount you are taking from passengers, but adequate facility is still dragging.


in reservation compartment general tickets passenger are traveling which very wrong thing for reservations tickets holders getting very problem and they use to sit on reservation seat which problematic for passengers


There were many beggars and ticket less travelers travelling in reserved compartment between Renigunta and Wadi. The authorities are aware and are complicit to this problem. No security persons were seen on the train and it seems it is quite normal to travel ticketless in reserved compartment causing inconvenience to passengers. Hope to see some improvement next time.


i am book tkt can avl 3 but char prepar tkt cnf repet in 2min i cansal booking not cansal char prepar my payment not recived 24 hour befoure cansal no chart prepar at booking giving chart prepar then i book bad