64406 Train Schedule | Train Time Table

Train Number
In Mins
In KMs
Old Delhi Jn DLI
Average Delay: (- min)
Average Delay: (5 min)
1 0.0
Delhi Shahdara Jn DSA 09:45
Average Delay: (4 min)
1m 09:46
Average Delay: (4 min)
1 6.5
Vivek Vihar VVB 09:50
Average Delay: (- min)
1m 09:51
Average Delay: (- min)
1 9.2
Sahibabad Jn SBB 09:56
Average Delay: (8 min)
1m 09:57
Average Delay: (8 min)
1 13.6
Ghaziabad Jn GZB 10:20
Average Delay: (4 min)

Average Delay: (- min)
1 20.4

About Train 64406 DLI-GZB 12CAR EMU

Train 64406 DLI-GZB 12CAR EMU runs from Old Delhi(DLI) to Ghaziabad(GZB) on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Train departs from Old Delhi(DLI) at 09:30 and reaches Ghaziabad(GZB) at 10:20. It takes 1 day to reach train 64406 from Old Delhi(DLI) to Ghaziabad(GZB) .

DLI-GZB 12CAR EMU 64406 train passes through 5 major stations in 1 day to reach from Old Delhi to Ghaziabad . It takes total of 0:50 hours journey to reach Ghaziabad .

In 64406 train route maximum halt time for this train is 1 minutes at Delhi Shahdara Jn(DSA). Train 64406 arrives at Delhi Shahdara Jn at 09:45 and departs at 09:46. So if you want to get down from the train and buy anything from the station or for little fresh air. It's safe to get down at this station.