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S7-36. Reserved coach, no person incharge throughout the journey to check on the non reserved passengers forcing in. Initial ticket check was at Secunderabad, till Parbhani no officials came over to the coach. Long distance train, passengers who reserved those berths had to face the inconvenience from the unreserved passengers.


Train departing tim from s.c is 22:15 but, departed 30 minutes late. In train so so so much smelling coming in toilet. Please put security guard for night for women safety.


in reservation they are getting without reservation people...but t.c also Just talking money and went out...we feel that uncomfortable...we book two tickets but we site in one upper side Bert some people sleep...


nice I love it this is my first time but overall good train but my suggestion is window glasses is not good i can't see clearly outside clean the window glasses that's it but clean neat good


hi from Nizamabad station to Nanded station general people are coming inside the reservation coach and forcing us to give the sitting place from them , from both the side it is very bad experience , Every time whenever we travelling this issue is come , reservation people suffering lot from these people , please take strict and strong action to not enter these people inside reservation compartment it is a request. it is year also I have very bad experience this time also same nothing is change sir please do something for reservation people are suffering lot from these people


I reserved seats for me & my family?s comfort. After Nizamabad station, there are many more people's rushed in sleeper coach. I even after reserving seats didn't have seats. TT didn't came through out journey. Why should we reserve seats if this is going to happen.


On the last moment also the berth was not confirmed how is it possible ( the TC itself says your seat is confirmed but berth is still unconfirmed) throughout the whole journey did not provided the seat , were I already booked the ticket a week ago.....train cleaning is not upto the mark..


1.Train delayed by more than 3 hours, i missed all the scheduled meetings 2. People drink in alcohol and make noise in thos train and no one does anything because they are either politicians or govt employees. Not at all safe 3. TT doesnt clear rac tickets but he allows unauthorised people to sit in ac coaches 4. No covers no pillows and no attendants found


The Drunked Man Was Sitting Behind Me He Was Miss Behaving And All The General People Came And Slept When I Was Sleeping And They Came And Charging Point Was Also Not Working


Very bad train with full of passengers and no use of booking the ticket because the general public was coming and sitting on the booked ticket and no use of booking ticket very poor condition of train


I am sorry to inform you that our RAC ticket not confirmed up to Mumbai.Train TTE sold all empty seats to WL and GENRAL ticket holders. but we request for seat he answered seats not available.


this time I travelled by 1st AC hence everything was ok.but before that I Travelled twice by sleeper class in which reservation meant nothing ,though there were 2 coach conductors they did nothing to get me my reserved seat.Throughout the night.the compartment was damn packed. after that I travelled in 3rd A/c where I got my seat but in between people were coming & sitting near my feet due to which I had to squeeze myself.Condition of toilets in sleeper as well as 3rd A/c was like roadside municipal toilets with broken & hanging taps having no water.