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South Indian people kindly don't travel in this train. reserved coach occupied full of unreserved passengers I am not seated in reserved berth, police &tte not taking care they can't controlled . they said me adjust and seat From cbe/mas&mas/cbe kindly prefer nilgiri,cheran,kovai, intercity


very worst experience. S1 coach it looks like unreserved compartment. ladies can't go to washroom also. washroom also occupied by North Indian peoples. please make strict rules, that open ticket person should not enter into reservation compartment


Myself & my wife with 3 months baby suffered a lot. we have been surrounded by many north Indians who got into with unreserved tickets, kept starring at wife.. she couldn't feed the baby.. unable to go to bathroom as they are fully occupied bathroom area. finally we got out at Salem and came in bus to Chennai.. there was no ttr, Rpf.. zero safety...


coach position totally was wrong today I faced trouble actually I m traveling with my father. My unable to walk due to peralize issue. so online I checked coach position but sleeper has started back side but came with engine side. This is unsatisfied and unhappy. you can't feel because you all want money only. Don't the see role and regulation. stupid idiot


worst train no use of doing reservation all coaches filled with waiting list people and scod collect fine from them and leave them every were just like that only. in my opinion to make justice to the reserved passengers all fined passengers should be shifted some other coach were only the fined passengers should be kept... please sir try to follow this rule which will great good opinion on the railways...


one of the worst train i travelled, i got vomitted when i opened the bathroom door, entire train has same condition, and sleeper class coaches are equallent to general coaches, here TTE are earning huge amount if money..


train has too many and unnecessary stoppages. Its old train started in 60s,but yet the legacy of running late goes on.Please make one train and not two trains joining at Rourkela wasting more than one hr sometimes 2 to three hours.


I booked ticket... the ticket is in waiting list...... u informed me only 3 hrs before...... so I'm not able to use that because there is proper Intimation..... I went in another train.... ??????????


In Sleeper class equal to general Coach as there was no control by authority on dated 08th May 2019 from allepphuza to dhanbad,very difficult to travel in reserved coach in sleeper even through you have reservation, unctrollable by authority,even bathroom you can't go.


it's reserved sleeper coach or general unreserved coach, no inspection, people entered with reservation in night, what about safety and security???? coach is in wrost condition, may be 20 -25 year's older, very poor condition


*- The worst train ride of my life dirty,filthy and first time have been downgraded form 2ac to 3 ac and also toilets were smelly and dirty even though it was claimed to be a bio toilet!, train was two hours late as well!never will travel ever again on this train!☑️


Worst journey I have ever had, no cleanliness, no mobile charging points, reserved coaches were fully occupied with general ticket people. Its a long journey train, so we expect it to be good but no , it is full of mess and especially my seat upper bearth was occupied by a person who is lazy. It took 30mins to for making him to come down. I request RAILWAY TO ATLEAST INCREASE THE GENERAL BHOGIS SO THAT WE WONT GET STRUGGLED TO TRAVEL IN TRAINS