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The Total rating is based overall rating of food, cleanliness and punctuality of the train COROMANDEL EXP


very bad train quality it's too old compartment. the food quality is also very bad. when I contacted with the helpline number they can't entertain. the most danger experience in 1ac.


The rakes are too old and soo the fitings. Railways has exploited this train much. However, the punctuality is quite good and it covers all stations on time. I suggest that kindly avoid food from pantry as they don't maintain hygiene and their staff uniforms are also filthy and stinky.So better to take food from home. Railways should upgrade the coaches and take check the cleanliness of pantry staff.


general ticket people's are fully accupied the reservation couches.TC just collect the fine. There's no difference between general couches and reservation couches.very warst maintain the's facing too much distance.


corammandal express, is very,very bad .. Train out side it look like Reservation compartment...But Train inside it is look like Unreserved comportment.. Train one coach in sitting or birth 76 .. coramandal Train in side 120 Tickets..76 birth conform and balance 44 unreserved ticket .with fine or phenality in checking squard or Tt..this is Chennai to Howrah coramandal express position..please rules in change central government.. Reservations passenger not satisfied...very bad train the Kolkata men are not allowing women even to go to hand wash. Water not there when we open the tap air is coming we are absolutely not comfortable and satisfied with corammandal


Train is too much crowded people who have booked their tickets are facing issue because of ticket less people traveling, we are unable to go to washroom because of heavy crowd. Bathrooms and berths are not clean at all


It's significant difference between earlier trains hygiene and now made me quite comfortably... Thanks to people of India and bureaucrats for making this change possible ...


Respected sir, Namaskaram, I kl viswanadham travel by my family, in S4 coach toilets position are totally(left and right) are scrapped and dirty,cleanliness is nill,smoking ash products and pan masala packets,but train journey is very fast, my request is please replace new coach at scrapped coach, if any mistakes please excuse me sir, my mobile 9441789725, visakhapatnam


The train has delayed by 2.50 hrs to reach Howrah,so I have missed the Upasana express (I took tatakal ticket for 3A), so there is no more trains to go to I have waited upto night 12 o clock for amitsar express, again I took general ticket and this train has. also delayed by 3 hrs , totally I have faced worest journey in my life because of coromondal express delay.


very worst train in maintaince shame to see that type of maintaince full of dust in and outside very old compartments and full of vibration Not at all good just compare the trains starting from Chennai like pandian exp. pearl city exp. we can feel good in those trains without any strain


3 passengers are drink wine at 3 pm , his sit no is 53, 54 , 56 and RAC confirmation from after Vishakapatam . Also see four unreserve passenger enjoyed journey seat no 49, 50, 51, coach no B/1, because reserved passengers missed the train but not seen to Ticket collector penalty for the unreserve passenger's who are started to journey same train from Chennai central to Vijayawada. I totally shocked and new experience of........


Found how would be the HELL if your seat is not confirmed, by the passengers? who were in travel by sitting on the floor of the compartment along the total length & in all SL compartments. Our rail service is yet to develop to fulfill the requirements of the common man/passenger.


I want inform you that not get train on15/05/17. My connection train late come 3hra(12624) because arakonam incident on 15/05/17. I want my ticket cancel on coromodal exp on the date of 15/05/17 chennai to howrah. My name James Xavier. I ticket take my own irctc account. My pnr no. Is :