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MAS HWH MAIL (12840) 

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The Total rating is based overall rating of food, cleanliness and punctuality of the train MAS HWH MAIL


I travel with my wife and two children. Due to heavy rush in the coach, it will take 20 mins to reach my seat at Vizag. There is no space to keep our feet inside the coach. Very rush found in the coach. People are traveling with general tkts. No Railway staff , TT coming to coach for checking. Very shame to Railway department. Railway develop their technology for how to give seat to their passenger during rush instead of running BULLET TRAIN OR VANDE BHARAT TRAIN.


I don't like this train , first time I see in-side the train out off people is too much political the in-side, I'm olready tacken my train but my ticket not confirmed, ticket is weating27 no. so I'm going 3no.of bogi,but out off people he said your ticket is not confirmed your are going now not for arround 20/30 peoples is travelling this heepnd, so plz..... next time not travelling other people this heepnd cheack the security, I'm traveling others train


people with out reservation are boarding into reservation counter and there is no way to go to bathroom. they are blocking the entire pathway, bathroom doors and even the actual doors to get down also.


Horrible condition of sleeper class also because of which we can't even able to travel for 4 hours journey we needed to get down at borad Station and need to book another ticket I' Er ticket in ac compartment that bad sleeper coach is


Toilets/bathrooms are very very poor bad, always dirty smell, no body taking care, no body clean at stations. Pantry persons always telling hot hot samosa,aaloo chap,etc....but it always chill..... arguing with passengers


This train (Mail) is a prestigious train for Indian Railways. Besides that the same coaches will be used for Coromandal Superfast Express also. At present all compartments are became very old and feeling journey in this train is very tedious. Hence I suggest that a face lift is needed to this train with providing new compartments with a unique colour to retain the glamour to this train. With regards


Mobile charger points were out of order. I informed to repair the points but customer care service mobile number was out of order or busy. Food rate was not as per ticket. Train was about one hour late.


In sleeper Class there was a horrible experience, No guard & TT , I don't know how can avail a reservation compartment without confirmation. Toilet going way was completely closed all were lying.Horrible experience, journey from BBH to HWH.


everything is fine except their are lots of people with general tickets gathered near bathroom occupied place for walking tt checker probably fine them and give them validation by issuing a slip.very disturbing and annoying my whole review is based on sleepr class dont have any idea for other classes but i thing is clear that i will never journey in sleeper class class of that train with my family.


I didn't take food. Train braking system was poor in our S9 compartment. Toilet was unhygienic. Allowed unauthorized persons inside and make us no sleep through out night . We will not see any staff inside in our journey.


unnecessary training was stopped for 2 hours just two km before Howrah, updated in railway status reached according to time, it's wrong information giving by railways to traveller regarding late timings.


(a) Cleanliness - Toilet not clean, due to No water supply at 05:00hrs and dust in maximum sealing fans. (b) Punctuality - No punctuality. Howrha reached above 08:00 AM instead of 04:10AM (c) Food - meals at Rs 120/- it is costly And Toilet lock not work properly. Dustbin are broken and not covered. Bed side book bag was teared.