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HWH-MAS MAIL (12839) 

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My question to the Railway authorities is that why should we book our tickets when the unreserved passengers also get into the reserved compartments. They were sleeping all over the place including the bathrooms. I was astonished at the way the people were sleeping next to me in the midnight. They were so adamant that they were even asking me to complaint to whomever you want to. Such a pathetic situation, I felt like I was living in a country with full of uncivilized and illiterates. Why should I book my ticket in Tatkal quota to face such a trauma and torture? I want to go ahead and file a case in the consumer court regarding this issue.


Punctuality, food ok. Water scarcityafter 10 hrs of journey, there by uncleanliness.Tea served is poor quality. WL tckt holders are coming and sitting in reserved berths. Also passenger having no reservation are also sitting side by. 3:4.(Jabardasti) Nowadays sleeper class is becoming harible.


One of the pantry staff behaves like his father's train.Very rudely and very bad attitude.If there is a option for staffs then for his behavior i rate it for 0.5/5.


i have booked 2 tkt ...but we got only Rac 22 hours journey....but that like a hell...for two tkts why they confirmed one Rac i couldn't get that...??


I had travelled from hwh to vijaywada but 4 hrs in vijaywada food was bad which I buyed from pantry. coach S2; Seat n.o 68 rods were normal due to which my laptop got robbed when I was in washroom. In chatrapur outer


No security i lost my travelling bag worth of 20000, reservation coach is also like a general , TTE just checked and went those who shown the tickets , worst train in my twenty years experience


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very worst food and charges also very high... previously for lunch and dinner 93 but now 140 and water bottle 20 rs. and tea rs. 10. govt do anything but these pantry car hawkers all r idiots and and will never charge genuinely...very bad do something I request against them


Train travel is compartment is vari bad is time in out of this range but cleaning services compartment is so bad not comfortable charging point is no and one more friend not working better than that compartment is so will be changed yes it thank you


very bad train condition , toilet condition are very stinging , pest control team on board not cleaning properly they are just collecting money fom passanger


I am totally disappointed with the confirmtkt service because based on confirmtkt prediction I have booked ticket but the ticket was not confirmed and I have travelled on waiting ticket from hawrah at to Chennai st . I will not recommend any of my friend to use confirmtkt. Vikram


Food Rate is too much higher side. For example they are charging Rs.10/- for tea without biscuits. Lunch they are charging Rs.160/- for Egg Rice without even water pouch.