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condition of toilets were pathetic, not clean properly. some people put toilet paper in western commod. i removed that , by my hands personally. can put the instructions board near basin, while sitting, it is the most visible zone. Worst was when people entered in bogie n were lying on the way, difficult to go for toilets. Some procession was going for Mumbai. Even they didn't had general tickets. TT was hesitant to take against them..


the train is very good but need to be implants curtans on 3ac class also the TT behavior was so rude. he waked up us after 2am for checking tickets and not accept the photo of tickets asked for the physicall tickets


The train has been running late from our sourcing station and it is still running late. The worst part is that coach S1 is getting so jerked that I neither slept properly at night nor I am feeling well right now. This problem of jerking persisted since departure of train however it was neither noticed by any one not it was checked by technical team at any station. I do travel in trains frequently but for the first time this problem has happened in my journey in train so far. I would request railway to take action and atleast check all the berths before departure of the train so that passengers will not get disturbed while travelling. A strong action in this regard will be highly appreciated.


No Tte has come to check tickets. I m traveling as RAC 1 passenger but no Tte come to clear even RAC . 5stations have crossed since departure from CST Mumbai


Very bad experience this time, i never travel again with this train. shame on railway ministry. i have an reservation, but i travel 24 hr by standing with female. totally rubbish and shame on your service.


after I cancelled my ticket, to book for AC sleeper coach which I did, they sent msg no refund for cancellations, do not book untill you are sure about it and cancel if you are getting refund.


worse train running status and services. all my appointments had to be cancelled and faced a heavy financial loss. very bad experience.


the coach was jerking a lot and the journey was very poor. it was difficult to sleep. please do some work on normal coaches too instead of focussing on bullet train only.


worst tea provided in train. which is from pantry car. At 10 rs they are giving. which is 2 rs. no cleaning done in train. water is not available in toilets of s5 s6 s7


It was not at all a good train it was not at all punctual and no sanitary conditions were seen all the cheap people had gathered near toilet and it was very difficult to go to toilet


In total it was a terrible journey where not only coach condition was poor but so many non reserved passenger travelled overnight. I don't know who gave them permission , they started from Raipur and few other members of that group were travelling before Raipur. I saw them to negotiate with TTE and in result travelled uninterruptedly.


1 hour 30 min late to akola third class service in reserve passenger sit on my birth arguing no police no authority help shame on