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DAKSHIN EXP (12722) 

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2A  3A  SL 

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The Total rating is based overall rating of food, cleanliness and punctuality of the train DAKSHIN EXP


very bad in terms of cleaniness and toilets where stinky, over all train was very messy. though the good part is it was on time and was running at good speed


It was not like a reservation bogey just it was unreserve bogey but TTE came and check the ticket and went away. Say it was uncomfortable like hell, This train was run one hour late


Travelling in 2 AC upto VSKP. but the coach does not look like 2 AC. it is very stinky and smelling. no need to talk about the toilet. I think Sleeper is better than 2AC. Even the basic need of mobile charging facility is not available other than Side Berths. Hopeless Compartment.


I humble request if u didn't confirm tickts so cancel it bt dnt even give me a RAC birth. it just disgusting. bullshit and the worst part is SL become general block no checking nathing stupidity


Some more corrections required like punctuality and management of good quantity and quality of food.pantry conditions was so bad cleanliness required.playing with beliefs of human beings is a crime.


रिजर्वेशन कोच में जनरल यात्रियों की भीड़ अधिक थी टट्टी उनसे पैसे वसूल करके रिज़र्वेशन खोज में बिठा दिया जिससे रिजर्वेशन है यात्रियों को बहुत परेशानी हुई सभी रास्ते में सो गए थे लेटरिंग पानी पेशाब के लिए बहुत परेशानी उठानी पड़ी टिकट लेकर के कुछ यात्री और कुछ यात्री बिना टिकट के S10 me अधिक थे सभी रिजर्वेशन यात्रियों को परेशानी भुगतनी पड़ी कृपया रेल मंत्रालय से निवेदन है कि निजामुद्दीन रेलवे स्टेशन से झांसी तक बहुत भीड़ रहती है और सभी रिजर्वेशन कोर्स में घुस जाते हैं इसका कोई समाधान निकालें धन्यवाद


Train was good but toilets not cleaning regularly , in train dirty smell coming..maintenance problem..winter time train coming late, so winter time strat time will change it will OK ..maximum delay will cover.


Many Daily Office workers travels by this train in sleeper W/O ticket. They travels for a very short dist. Between intermediate stations. They sit on your reserved seat. This create disturbance. IR should take care of this things and best food you can get from Neelam Itarsi.


dust bin shall be kept in all bath rooms of sleeper class. thanks for mobile charging sockets in all cabins. It's not understood why there is no room in any class in any category but most of the berths are vacant and sold by Tc persons in sleeper and ac coaches.


1. Mobile charging socket was not working. 2. Toilet was smelling unbearable. 3. Pantry staff refuse to provide water bottle, straight way told water bottles finished and no more supply will be done, it is my last supply for the day.

My seat no was s1 - 21 . May 15 was too hot as far as central india is concerned but can was off . I completed to tte but he did not reply anything ... Worst service .


Food quality should be improved. Especially chapatis & also the quality of tea can be improved no issue if they charge extra... Thank you Indian Railway.