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The Total rating is based overall rating of food, cleanliness and punctuality of the train NED-ASR SACHKHAND EXP


Coming 2 hours late to Agra and losing another half hour to Delhi made it a really big deal for foreign tourists like us to get through the metro system to the airport and make our flight, which we did, just. This casual attitude to timeliness is common in country train services and means ppl have to allow many hours extra to handle these failures. Also that two ppl cannot be allocated adjacent seats when booked at same time is another poor organisational matter as shoving responsibility on passengers to sort out seating is just sloppy and unprofessional. IR has a long way to go to be a suitable provider of tourist services and should not be allowed to charge the high foreigner premiums until it can provide a service worthy of same. Including cleaning the filthy toilets. Please do better, you know you want to...


Food served by pantry is of low quality. Please take up the matter with the authorities to check the food quality to avoid health problems to the passengers


very very bad seat arrangements I one month before online booking tickets but oneseat book s-6-66,two seat s-1-23 this is wrong .I complain again irtc


Train is very dirty and very bad smell all the way and bathrooms are very worest no water no cleanliness. Only is train is nearly on time. Ant regarding TC in coach is not up to mark all the way local passenger yatri are in booking coaching and no TC care about them.


Firstly Pl confirm me the contact no of confirmtkt app person in any type of querry etc. I immediately want to Cancel my ticket but it was not possible because yr app not responding properly and my total money wasted due to that. call me urgently... Biyani mangrulpir no. 9422161592/9130112888


delhi to ambala travel time duration is 3 hours and the train is delayed by 3 hours 19 minutes.. so i dint catch the train...and there is no option to cancel what a service.. i highly appericiate indian railway for this..


I traveled in this train to Nanded on eighteenth and back to Ambala on twenty second.The eighteen date train reached destination two and half hours late.And 22nd train is too running two and half hours late.Can’t the railways improve the system to set right the punctuality of trains.


it was average. food was worst quality plz take ur home made food donot order for children bcz food has poor cooking quality. cleaness was average blankets were dirty.


Very dirty and not punctual train. Train stopped every small station between new Delhi to Ambala cantt. But only 4 stops between route.


Sachkhand Express Trn Nos 12715 & Specially 12716 can be said Good trains if water supply & Cleanliness in toilets can be improved. Also I want to say & suggest that these both up & down trains are always busy as we are not getting confimed Reservations if we do not book the seats before 3 or 4 months. It means these trains are giving much more money to the Railway Ministry.But the seats or covers of seats specially in Sleeper class are in very bad condition. I am suggesting and writing all these complaints as I am a permanent traveller by these trains since 1997.. or ..20 yrs... plz consider my complaints seriously and do the needful.. Thanks From.. Dr Abdul Rehman R/O Dist. Parbhani.. Maharashtra (Now ) R/O Bhopal.. M.P


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Train got cancelled one day before causing me an expensive flight ticket.. Past history of similar incident with this train...I wouldnt recommend this train to any one.