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coaches are brand new, but no maintenance washrooms.. cockroaches and mosquitos assigned around the coach


I never got the train and was informed about the cancellation at the last moment. The guy at the reservation counter was absolutely rude and not helpful in anyway. At the same time, there are agent selling confirmed tickets in and around the reservation counter area at a steep commission price. This mass buying of confirmed reservation tickets should stop and this agent business must come to light. This is an absolute shame on the country seeing such filthy corruption. I was travelling with my family and i am writing this so that another family doesnt have to go through the same. I will never reserve the tickets online because it is absolutely useless. Either confirm the tickets and give otherwise dont issue tickets. I would rather travel by air.


very bad sink was full of water I cleaned t while train moved water spilled on evryones luggage dresses spoiled the mood


Food Quality is very bad. please ensure quality food for the fellow passengers. Value our Health #irctc #india #railway #indianrailway #government. Also make sure that the coaches have sufficient charging ports and clean toilets. It's time to replace the old Coaches. Jaho!


it is very pathetic that you are seeking feedback on an aborted shows your awareness about the activities in the system.better wake up.


Cleanliness vastly improved over a period of time, no doubt. But there is still room for improvement. Railways should be appreciated for improving their services. I was aghast at holding up this train at Ettumanur for over 40 minutes on 1st July. Until then it was running to time. You may say it is technical. But that is wrong. A super fast train should be given priority over technical matters and ensure SF trains are run on time


The journey was fantastic ..train was neat and tidy Only i have one suggestion if railway can increase the upper seat bit wider.


Even i have booked my ticket i dont get seat to sit and travel comfortable with my baby. Very bad experience


all red colour train are good..2 things i notice...1 pls reduce the voltage of light near upper side berth.due to this sleep was tragic. 2.pls consider charger in the upper side and upper is very difficult... any way train is splendid and very good.... one thing pls issue the appropriate berth choosing at the time of booking...third time i got different berth despite 240 seats passenger would not like to change... worst thing is the train...Trivandrum chennai MAS special train...what special..?! no water. no pantry that train is not special is an extraordinary one wouldnt got this.special


The AC is with low fan speed, experienced first two hours with very bad smell in first AC coache. Technicians are not possible to identify the reason for long time.


No AC are working in AC 3 Tier but the timing is great and dood quality is so bad no one at train as staff no one was there when I want to complaint


lot of unreserved passengers were travelling which caused lot of inconvenience to the reserved passengers. informed authorities but no result.