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The Total rating is based overall rating of food, cleanliness and punctuality of the train MANGLADWEEP EXP


there os no cleanness in bathroom very bad condition is there and in sleeper class how can the public of genral and waiting ticket person can be seating there is no way to go at washroom children and ladies can go it is very bad condition in sl class please see for it


sab kuch bhoot kharab tha koi bhi mangement nahi tha seat bhi bhoot ganda tha dustbin bhi full tha or na hi koi saf safae tha or hand wash ke liye bhi pani nahi nahi tha washroom bhi pora ganda tha washroom me bhi kachra tha yane kul mila kar ye hai ke kuch bhi achchha nahi tha


very bad experience... sleeper class is like on general compartment... ttr only coming to fine to non ticket guys... responsible attitude from railway staff and police.. non ticket guys are disturb in entered to sleeper coach its cannot stop ttr


Such a long distance train and it was so old train and compartment even after so much 2545 rupees for the train from Ernakulam to Kalyan, I had to face those rustic and old coaches and non-cleaned toilets and not so fresh coach for those long 24 hours. Why don’t you provide atleast clean new coaches on long distance route?


Train cancelled by IRCTC. Why could the Maintenance i/c not intimate the travellers about their progm when the repair plan was finalised. Genuine travellers could have made alternate plans and avoided the last mi ute hassel. Last minute announcement by Railways is harassment for infirm, disabled and senior ctzns.


Old rakes are used which have their own drawbacks such as lesser number of Western toilets, improper flushing mechanism, faulty plumbing, passable sleeper beds in terms of comfort and cleanliness. The train was an hour late at my boarding station-Udupi- and half hour late when reaching my destination-Panvel. However,the food quality was good and the pricing was in accordance with the rates put up on the IRCTC website.


I have been traveling in this train since 2002. Now condition of the train is worst of all sides. food quality is very poor, coach condition is very poor as concerned before. When I was coming from Jhansi to Kerala, No RPF found No Cleaning staff found all that days of my journey even in AC coach. Thousands of people depending this train to travel to out of kerala, especially from North kerala. But Ministry of Railway never thought to increase vacant seats or additional coaches. I'm totally unsatisfied with the Govt.


train quality very poor., bathroom toilet very very bad .. i am not seen any cleang on kerala to mumbai very very bad ...reserved in sleeper but sleeper like general comp. waiting list ot tikent not taken .,ye vo ajubaju ....kon kon he patahabi nahihe they are come togeter and not get air also like that reservertion comp. some one not have tiket also no T.T.R come before staring only then no checking very bad ..bad situation pls reserved tiket person not get privesy and seat...its my last train trip i like train journey but no more train trip.. only flight dont go long journey in train


It was late by 2.30 hrat Nashik in running status , not shown any status after 5.20 we wnable to find location we have vasted 2 hr at station no much croud in train even assessing toilet is not possible, due to festival much croud no security at station to avoid any causealty


train condition was very bad no cleaniness in toilets. It is an old train needs to repaired such as the curtains rod is slinging down the bottle handler is not worth and the seats are not at all comfortable, bedshhets pillow and blanket was used, the ac vent is not cleaned.


the train was late by more than 2 hrs..there was facility of cleaning d train inside..n on Bhusawal which is called as a clean train station those people didn't clear the garbage n it was lying all between the joints of two boggies n wn sent a sms to 58888 d reply came dat dis train doesn't comes under dis sms facility..


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