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The Total rating is based overall rating of food, cleanliness and punctuality of the train DEE GARIBRATH

काउन्टर वैट लिस्ट वालों की कोई सूनवाई नहीं है । सूनवाई करवानी हो तो टी टी पैसा देना पडेगा ही कोई चारा नहीं । हो ना यह चाहिये कि वैट लिस्ट वालों को कोच में सीट कितनी खाली है कोनसे कोच में कहां तक सीट खाली है यह व्यवस्था हो तो टीटी की डिमाण्ड में सुधार हो सकता है । हर कोच का अपडेट आँन लाईन होना चाहिये । ताकि आर ऐ सी वैटींग वालो को निजात मिल सके । यात्रा सुगम हो यह सुनिश्चित नहीं है केवल आ ऐ सी ओर काउन्टर टीकिट वालों के लिये ।


The worst train i ever seen in my life i will never travel in this again after rac confirmation they given as gd1 coach only 4 seats are there no was around except the staf member we didn't feel safe we request to tt plz give as atleast 2 seats but they give as 2 seats only for 5 hrs how can they give as handicaped wala coach worst train worst experience


Train windows are dusty and would be better if railway authorities pays the same same attention to windows and doors as well as they pay inside the train....


The Tc in coach G5 issued 5 tickets for seat number 15, there was already a passenger on that seat, so totally in 7 seater coach we were about 12 seating and others waiting for us to move in to accommodate them, this happened at Surat. Are we fools to book the tickets in advance for our peaceful journey. Again a passenger who encroached us argued that we are just one and half hour away from vadodara and we should adjust, why, why we should suffer. If we were to travel in such cattle class we would have gone in unreserved compartments. Again the cleanliness was worst. May be the passengers don't deserve that, as I saw few throwing rubbish where they were seated and eeeeeeeew. May not travel by this train again.




actuly Train is Cancel Mumbai High Rain Regarding ............But i say Before 24 or 12 Hrs inform the pasenger So many pasenger r Angry ........ What is the meinig Of pasenger Mobile when feel in the Reservation form contact no ........... No body any tipe of inform this train is cancel ....................


The train is simply awesome. it's my first time journey through Garibrath and it a up to the mark for me.If u want to order food then go for irctc e-catering official app "Food on track" and place a food order at Ahmedabad station. The food quality provide by the vender is too good.


allotment of seat is not good because railway is given one seat to three person with my two kids. tt told it's clerkel problem it's given by railway.staff is good and promenent


भारत बंद के दंगे की वजह से ट्रैन को परिसल स्टेशन पर अनिश्चित समय के लिए खड़ा कर दिया गया था ।। पैंट्री अलवर स्टेशन से लॉएट थी कजरी समान जो बेचने आया वो खराब निकला। अटेंडेंट को बार बार कहने पर भी न a c कम किया गया।उल्टा जवाब दिया कि बैंड कर दु क्या। स्टेशन मास्टर के पास भी कोई जवाब नही था अंतः मुझे ट्रैन वही अपनी 10 साल की बेटी के साथ छोड़नी पड़ी। और खर्च करके टैक्सी से आगे की यात्रा करनी पड़ी। मेरे टिकट का पैसा रेलवे को वापस करना चाहिए


Food not good qulity and price is high according to quility and saling good on high price .i fight many time with them .but every time found same condition. Cleaness very poor in toilet no hand wash .


Good garib Rath train at this Mumbai Delhi route, cleanliness is very good,and toilet were also in good condition ,overall very comfortable journey with this Garib Rath in comparison to the other ones...!!!!


Departure was delayed for reasons beyond control of railways. So no complaints. Though the train departed around 10.40 pm, bed roll was not given till 11.30 pm. Rather I had to hunt for the person and personally pick up my bed roll out of turn. This experience was not good