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MAJN CSMT EXP (12134) 

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The Total rating is based overall rating of food, cleanliness and punctuality of the train MAJN CSMT EXP


in reserved compartment, local public from kankavali & ratnagiri , no way to go for wash room , all seat on the foot floor , very worst situation , inspite of complaint to railways authority no action , Worst of worst service worst than III class


train started without cleaning. One toilet (Western) was choked throughout the journey causing lot of inconvenience to senior citizens.Could not lodge complaint due to bad mobile network. Expect authorities to address this issue, the train is Rajdhani Express, a premium train


train was so..... much late aprox 4 hrs. (3) hrs. at kkw stn. so i travelled another train cause of my vvip work , and by another train tckts, it's my loss, I give feedback but it worst ur rules are ××××


Train was delayed by 2 hours 30 mins. The purpose of my travel to Mumbai was totally disruptted due to this delay. Toilets were very very dirty and smelling. No one cleaned them in S3, S4 or S5. It was horrific


no information was given for the late arrival of train.... disgusting and irritating behaviour by the railways.... we were waiting at the surathkal station for more than 4 hours...


the worst train ever travelled, it was 5 hours late and the TC was the most unkind man ever seen, not born to help the public, but only need s pocket full of money. The cleanliness is zero marking..


12134 never ever on time. Have been travelling since 8 years n nearly 5 to 6 times every year but every time We travel the train has either never left on time nor reached on time with not less than 2 hours delay. The toilets are not at all clean n the rats have eaten up my luggage as well. #stateofindianrailways


Toilet seat was totally broken wetern toilet has to be maintained properly for old traveller . Napkin has to be given to all passengers. Pillow covers are generally not changed for next journey.


coach we're dirty near w toilet and no one came for cleaning and in sleeper class s6 so many person travelling with second class ticket,so what is the purpose of advanced reservation and TC also not taken action against such person who sit in reservation coach


No pantry available in this train. locals passenger entering and occupying the seats in sleeper class and when asked they say we get down at next stop. How come they are allowed into a reservation coach? very bad.


Good train.. Very punctual.. But food quality not that good.. One negative point is we found rats in the train which is very risky..Toilets not that clean specially English toilet. SUGGESTION : There should be timeliness for when to use upper birth till what time.. And also there should be some maximum time for the passenger for switching off the lights in the compartment and to stop creating nusence in the train after 10.30. As there are kids and senior citizens travelling in the train..


once it was best. now it is worst. Last time i reached 5 hours later. 09:30 am at cst instead of 04:20. no water in washroom. my worst travel experience ever. They don't have rights to price the ticket. instead of that they have to give money for traveling in this train