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The Total rating is based overall rating of food, cleanliness and punctuality of the train MANGALURU EXP


we had not reached the station but the man was changing the sheets and even asked me to vacate AND WAS JUST DUSTING THE PILLOWS AND KEEPING THEM BACK WITHOUT CHANGING THE COVERS EVEN THE BEDSHEETS WERE BEING FOLDED V Sad We are paying for the same I feel this should be looked into TOILETS WERE CLEAN🙏🏻 we only had coffee so cannyrate food


The seat alloted me for DL1 to DL4. It is like a unreserved coach having 20 seats we travel around 45 passenger in this corona period. No one will ask or look this form railway side. Please take necessary action and refund the excess money and booking charges.


Please work on arrival time and be approximate, just because it is quite difficult for a lot of passengers to board the train after a long delay. Thank you!


Real pain to travel in this train in sleeper class, as all the waiting list passengers flood all the boogies and dont allow confirm seat passengers to sit or sleep peacefully. They get into ugly arguments for seat sharing and ask forcefully to adjust. The TTE or RPF dont bother to come till morning after the train crosses Madgaon as all these waiting class passengers get down at Karmali or madgaon...Please take it up with the concerned people. When highlighted this issue to TTE he simply says even we are not in a position to do anything about it


train quality was not so good charging points were not working, toilet Condition was not so good. train is very punctual. food was good.


i saw lots of people without reservation ticket . they taken general ticket. tc not come to check ticket. why not checking Tc ticket. After ratnagiritc comimg and checking ticket . 50%Ratnagiri passanger nit taking ticke but travrlling reservation. Railway department should take propar action on this


train was really clean and all sheets and pillows were in place.lot of staff to take care of things. I would really like if you had better options of food since people dont mind spending on quality and tasty food if its fresh.


Compartments was dirty with rainy waters. Windows were not getting properly closed, due to which rain water enters inside. Fod quality was not as good. Charges are high as conpared to quantity.


Not punctual..Engine failed at Panvel.. Almost 2 hrs delay till Kankavli.. Still travelling.. No idea how much delay till I reach Udupi, my destination.. Bad experience.. Can't these major things such an engine in working condition being checked before departure...


The train is absolutely full with passengers holding unreserved tickets. All waiting list passengers enter the reserved compartments and make it very difficult for the passengers who hold reserved seats. We cannot even go to the toilet as the passage area is flooded with people sitting and it gets difficult to even stand or walk. Even more shocking is that outside the toilet people are sitting and refuse to allow one enter the toilet. Inside the toilet people are seen sitting on empty dustbins turned over and their bags hanging in the toilets. No TC even bothers to visit or check the plight of passengers with reserved seats who face these inconveniences. I think the railways should take interest and be more proactive and take assistance of the police and remove those who travel in reserved classes with waiting list tickets and cause so much havoc and unpleasantness. This is not acceptable.


Train running schedule is good but it always runs late both in UP and down ie from Mangalore and to Mangalore .Control room should try to adhere to time table, since good quality train. train 12133 from CSMT reserved boggie overcrowded and packed with waiting list upto Madgaon, kindly give another train on this timing for passenger safety comfort and security.


when asked for drinking water before panvel the ticket collector refused to pay any attention even did not bother to help instead of helping us to get watate at Ratnagiri station asked to get down and help yourself Shame a passenger thirsty and no help from the T.T.