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CBE LTT EXP (11014) 

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The Total rating is based overall rating of food, cleanliness and punctuality of the train CBE LTT EXP


wash basin in the toilet in coach B5 was overflowing. complaint to cleaning staff several times, but no body took action to set it right. passengers very much inconvenienced.


The bed linen and napkin supplied were not clean. The pillow hardly had any cotton / fibre in it. The pillow cover was dirty and was probably not for a month. The wedges in the rubber casing of the window panes was filled with dust particles which could prove to be a health hazard. The train reached five hours late to my destination. It was amazing to see that it allowed more than 8 trains to pass by at various points during the journey. The passengers were cheated by food served in the pantry in terms of quantity. Vegetarian Thali served with 3 rotis (which were of the size of Puris) with 100 gms of subzi, 100 gms of Dal Fry and 100 gms of Aloo Mutter was priced at Rs.120-. Vegetable Cutlet which was bitter in taste was priced at Rs.15- each. However, breakfast items such as Upma with Vada, Masala Dosa priced at Rs.40- was okay in taste though less in quantity. Coffee was of decent quality.


Very old, dirty, undisciplined, extremely non punctual, expensive high with no quality. Keep this in scrap or give it to the children for play.


train came late at Selam when we enquired at station in may I help counter the gentleman said on time at 10.00 unfortunately we were rosted at station platform no 5 with facilities in coach there were no charging points the washrooms were so dirty even after complion to attended no one took care one gentleman came for signature for cleanness I told the problem and he never turned up and all in all train reached Thane more then 6 hour late none of the staff knew why the delay. I am really pained when we are looking ahead for bullet trains we are getting such a bad service only God shall help railways. Jai Bharat Jai Hind.


worst train no punctuality source station left by 3 hrs late and destination station reached by 8 hrs late. speed is not at all picked.


The worst train experience I ever experienced. Cockroaches, bed bugs, rodents, and unhygienic environment plus the food was pathetic.


1.No single star for punctuality for 5hr late cbe to hosur. 2.i travel in 2tier ac some dust in glass. 3. Traveling? suspension good.


train is too late don't have proper time management for proper arrivals at Maharashtra side it makes 2 hrs late or may be 8 hrs late


All restrooms should be taken care with high importance... and food taste can be improved other than that the journey was good...


Very bad experience...will never ever travel by this train....train was supposed to reach at 1:30pm...instead reached teached at 5:30pm...improve your driving skills idiots


unresurved ****3 ac coatch with few resurved poor passangers .*110 passangers*no water in toilets from LTT to VM No pantry no e food ... Late running by3 hrs.


Horrible, nothing available at bdts and in train too. people will die in search of food, unable to think of babies. Please come well prepared for yourself and for kids before boarding. Travelled in same train for past 5yrs always late a minimum of 1 hr to reach the destination habitual. Same old compartments right for the past 20 yrs.